Challenge to all who dislike Jesus Christ/FIVE STEPS TO REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER

If you are a person who hate Jesus and cannot stand to hear the name Jesus, lend me your ear. If you despise His name and it makes you cringe just to hear it, I want you to lend me your ear. If you believe in another god and have a supreme dislike for Jesus, lend me your ear. I challenge every person who has this mindset against Jesus or the Holy Bible, if you read the information in my little green book and just do what it ask with a sincere mind to think and act on the principles. You can become rich from Jesus if you just understand the instructions on how to get stuff, things or wealth. You can do, be, or have whatever you want from the knowledge in my little green book. I challenge you to take the challenge and be honest with your thoughts, and beliefs, which will lead you to take the proper actions to get the right results.

You are not required to believe in Jesus as God, Lord and Savior, or anything about His Deity. Just do the instructions in the little green book and see what you get from believing, thinking, talking as the book instructs, and doing the action steps. You will discover something you never knew about a God who is shun by the masses but if you do what His Word instructs to get wealth, material, or things, He will still give it to you just to show He never lies about anything.

If you are serious with what you want that you are seeking, do not stop believing, talking, and doing whatever is necessary until what you are after is in your life. Once you start, you cannot stop believing for what you are seeking. If you do, you will stop Jesus from coming through for you. Just go on with life and before you know it, whatever you were after will just show up. I know what Jesus will do. I am challenging the part of humanity (unbelievers) who has a strong dislike for Jesus Christ to take Him at His Word for stuff or things. See for SELF, Jesus is not as bad as the picture painted of Him in the world when He honors your wants from the promises of His Holy Word.

Click the link below and find out yourself if Jesus Christ is worthy of being hated. Pick up your copy and tell your friends you have taken the challenge. The book is for anybody who wants stuff or things. God purposely devoted the first four chapters to people with no connection to Him. However, if you are a Christian and unlearned in the ways of God, the first four chapters will help you too. God wants to show those who dislike Him He rains on the just and the unjust Matthew 5: 45. All He asks do as He instructs, that is why emphasis are on the first four chapters for the lost. Once the unbelievers see the results of God according to His Word, the hate will vanish and love will now be in the heart of some soul whose mind had no love toward Christ.

The fifth chapter is not for those who dislike Christ but belongs to Christians. However, unbelievers can still benefit. So, go for it all. Christians live in the richest kingdom of all kingdoms, but the result of the opulence life already given to the body of Christ; most do not have what God has already given. Chapter Five reveals why and what steps to take to gain from the scripture Romans 8: 17…heir of God and joint heir with Christ. I can only say this; God comes through 100 percent of the time all the time if you take Him at His Word.

The BIBLE is the greatest and the most powerful book of MAGIC ever unleashed among the human race. The BIBLE defies the Laws of Nature. The secret societies know this secret, and their job is to keep the BIBLE a book of controversy, a hated book, purposely bringing in other evil books to stand above the BIBLE. Why are they doing this act? They know that if the human race ever wakes up to the MAGIC in the HOLY BIBLE, all their design systems created to fail on purpose, to enslave, and keep the human race poor; they know they will lose that power over humanity forever. If the world only knew this secret, poverty would be in no person living. God is NOW letting the truth known about a true book where MAGIC is the game it plays with humanity. The game of thoughts, God plays it out of the Bible with humanity to create anything anybody can understand. If you can imagine it and believe it from a statement made in the BIBLE; whatever it is, no matter the cost, the number of people required, or the material needed; the BIBLE will released the MAGIC to give life to whatever a person has formed a belief. How big can you think and believe? How can a man as I build a 2 billion dollar church empire without a huge congregation of 30,000 or more people? I am doing it from the MAGIC hidden in the BIBLE. Check out my Graduate from the University of Heaven T-shirt. That is what I do!

Word of Grave Warning:

No one can use the MAGIC in the BIBLE for evil; if you do, it will destroy you in THIS LIFE and THE LIFE TO COME. It has a built-in system from GOD not to reproduce evil!

Click link and order your copy today, God will change the life you NOW live to the life you never thought was possible!

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