FIVE STEPS TO REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER /Interview on the Sherry Bronson Show

Hello world, my mentor, Dr. C is a multi-mega millionaire, and he told me only 8 percent of people follow their views.

I decided to research further on, and they said only 3 percent of people make their dreams. Twenty-three percent of the population has no idea what they want from life, and as a result, they do not have much!

There you have it; only 3 to 8 percent of the people pursue their dreams or thoughts. Leaving at least 92 to 97 percent of the human race never amount to living a fulfilled life because they fail to follow their ideas and 23 percent have no plans, goals, or ideas at all. A great contributor to the wealth of the world is in the 1 to 10 percent of the human race. Are you in that 90 percent of the people not fulfilling your ideas or the 23 percent with no goals, plans or ideas to excel in life?

I went back to the website to get the real link for anyone to click on and see, and I could not find it. The closest I could search out again was…

…Not many…If you have a dream/unique mission on this earth that only you can fulfill, discover it and give it all you got.

There are many reasons I wrote this book, and this is but one of the reasons for FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER.”

Five Steps keystone is Proverbs 21:30, There is no wisdom, nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord. All wisdom of man comes from one source, God. All great men of the past and present, if you study their works on self-help empowering a person: it all has the blueprint of God within it.

FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER are a source to help the 92 to 97 percent of the people who never follow through on their ideas, and the 23 percent who has no ideas, plans or goals to produce ideas, plans, or goals to succeed in life and become wealthy on God’s time clock.

Five Steps is a spiritual self-help book with spiritual principles that will work for any human that uses their mind to think. The reader is not required to believe in God except only believe in the principles of His Word. It does not matter if the person is an atheist, agnostic, Buddha, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, non-believer, or a believer; it will work equally, for whosoever believes.

There are five chapters all designed to prepare the pathway through thought in changing a person’s future to what a person always wanted to do, be, or have in their lives. By showing the precepts and concepts how to generate the right ideas to build wealth, success, or improve a business and to keep the idea intact until it is a life experience.

I have this on the front of my book…It is not what you think, but how you think what you think!

Thinking is deadly and destructive if done wrongly.

If you were at a crossroad and you had to decide to go south or north. One path has death; the other path has life. The only hope you have you must make the right decision the first time to get on the path where life is. If you went, south and you should go north, that decision cost you your life. The same thing is happening every day with people all across the world and in all nationalities. FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER has God blueprint for anybody to create whatever life they chooses by showing how to make the right decisions, and speak the correct words to receive what is already theirs. God created humankind; God should know the correct way for humans to communicate with Him through the universe.

Each chapter is in a question format to connect with the reader on a personal level and action step to follow through on with information just learned.

A.      Chapter 1 —What Will My Thoughts Do For Me?

  • You will only get what you think about and what you believe. Your thoughts are the reason for the life, the business success, the wealth you have today. Everything you own, all your successes and failures today are the results of your, thought yesterday. Chapter 1 lays out the precepts and concept in a thorough way of how to create the right way of thinking to give you a prosperous future or a successful business making a 10-figure income if the reader is capable of believing. My overview to the reader is to have a clear understanding of the frameworks of thoughts through understanding the created power behind our ideas.

B.      Chapter 2— What is the Power Behind A Non-Physical Seed?

  • A non-physical seed is an idea. All physical seeds produce the fruit of the seed. All our ideas produce the contents of the ideas regardless of the level of complexity of the idea if it understood. Our ideas are all energy. The chapter explains the power behind our ideas and the reason they turn into physical products or the financial counterpart of our thoughts. All this is the working of the invisible God many hate, ashamed of, or wants nothing to do with Him.

C.      Chapter 3—- What Is The first Thing I Should Do To Change My Life?

  • Reprogram, reprogram, reprogram!  Reprogramming your thoughts is vital because if any trouble is in your life it is a direct result of your thinking. If your business is failing, it is because of your thinking. You will understand the failure of living the life of others trying to please them who has no valuable for your dream or life. You must know what you want out of life and go for that only. You may have to overhaul or re-think everything about your life with carefully detail thoughts if you are unhappy with life or any business you may have.

D.      Chapter 4— Can You Create From Your Thoughts?

  • If the reader has gotten this, he or she knows their life is a direct result of their thinking. I asked the question to re-emphasize and bring awareness all thoughts believed would come into physical form, even if the thoughts were harmful to a person thinking the thought. Any idea, regardless of the cost or people required giving life to the reader; the idea will materialize into physical form. There is nothing in the earth apart from the thoughts of humanity in a person life. Thoughts are the direct effects of a life every human alive who are using their brains to think are living. Chapter describes in details how thoughts do what they do, how thoughts create, and what power they own.  Fused together with the universe with a belief, the results of their power once conceived in the mind and believed will materialize in material form or whatever images that are held in the mind. All confusion of why the reader’s life is the way it is no longer fuzzy, but clear, followed with instructions and a pathway from God to REINVENT THEIR LIFE FOREVER. When a reader sees this thinking stuff works, it is possible; the reader will start following Jesus and give up believing in what they believe. Perhaps, the hating of Christ will end, or ashamed of Him once they realize they can get whatever they want even without believing in Him for their souls if they follow His principles. The unbeliever will know everything else in the Bible is true about heaven and hell.

E.      Chapter 5 “Do You Know Who You Are?” God directed it to the Christian Community, yet whosoever could still benefit from its teaching. The question asks, “Do You Know Who You Are?”

  • There is an identity crisis within the body of Christ. They live in the wealthiest kingdom of all kingdoms, yet it is not clear in the lives of those in the body of Christ. They have shortages of all things, money, health, and endless unfulfilled dreams. All because of the way, they see themselves in the image of a man instead in the image and likeness of God. Christians and whosoever will discovery why thinking is the hardest job in the world, which is why 92 to 97 percent of the human race never follows their ideas. Their views are so out of alignment with God they hardly ever receive what God has already given. This chapter covers many reasons why Christians are in the state they are in and a pathway to get the real blessing of God already given. The end of chapter five also has a plan of action to bring about the cause and effect in the life of the reader if they apply and understand.

FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER is a book with a roadmap from God created to allow any person with the ability to design whatever life they wish in the earth through the vehicle of thought to do, be, or have anything they are able to think and understand.

Click link and order your copy today, God will change the life you NOW live to the life your never thought was possible!

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