PT 3 Faith You Can See With Live Testimony

As I concluded this video, I have included a living testimony of what “FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREEVER” did for me. How my income and my wife income changed within six months to meet the demand to pay for a home we had purchased, which we could not afford without struggling. No one will ever escape the thoughts he or she believes and speaks. What a powerful statement that has so much power and truth. Proverbs 23:7, As he thinketh in his heart so is he. Nothing more or nothing less is coming to your tomorrow apart from the thoughts you think, doubt not, believe, and speak today. Again, The simple process billions of people experience every day, but only to their sorrows because they think the things they do not want. Thus, 90 percent of the human race has become a slave to the 1-to 10 percent of the population that controls most of the world’s wealth. That is pathetic! Nevertheless, the Bible has forecast the poor will always be among us because God knew many people would not be able to think their way out of extreme circumstances. It is possible to believe this.

This condition has plagued humanity for centuries until it is now an acceptance belief to accept poverty as a way of life, live off the government, and work 10 cents jobs that lead people to crime. I hope these teachings have given each of you a clearer insight of the power of faith connected to the Word of God and making things better.

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