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The graphic design on Contract with God T-shirt expresses multiple personal messages from the Word of God to the wearer that enables synchronization of the mind with the mind of Christ. This connection should help produce the faith required in the life of a person how to do or receive whatever they have believed, by forming a contract with God. Knowing that God cannot lie, whatever they have requested and believed for under contract with God, it will show itself in their lives if believed. The scripture of God is the CONTRACT and the PROMISE. God will back up this promise by an even BIGGER PROMISE from Numbers 23: 19 to provides complete assurance to the wearer of the Contract with God T-shirt, God, is going to come through on His promise in Luke 17: 6 of whatever they have spoken and believed to happen. Contract with God T-shirt will help you to make a contract with God and keep it by keeping you focus on the contract you made with God by the promises of His Word.

I make no claims what this information will do for you because every person level of thoughts and beliefs are different except what could happen if your faith is in harmony God. You will decide that by the results you get.

There is not anything created in the earth you cannot have. All you need is a Contract with God. Start the process with a T-Shirt to remind yourself of your contract with Him. Help your leaders out, your spouse, your brother, your sister, your best friend or a member in the body of Christ who has lost hope by getting your Contract with God T-shirt (s) today making a secure contract with God with Luke 17: 6 and Numbers 23: 19.

Click the button, order your contract with God T-shirt today, and get a contract with God, someone who will never run out on you. His name is Father God, the Father of Christ, the giver of all good and perfect gifts (James 1: 17). This is personal, you have to get intimate with Christ and it starts through your relationships with God’s adoptive children (cannot love the ones you see you sure cannot love God whom we have not seen 1 John 4: 20) and He will become intimate with you.

T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk, 100 % cotton Beefy-T, or Comfort soft heavy weight cotton.

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