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Divine Exchange 3 T-shirt is to show the many powerful promises in the Holy Bible; Jesus anxiously wants to do for us to glorify His Father in heaven (John 14: 12-13). Whatever the Father does so do the Son. God gives divine exchanges from His Word to our words if we believe. My job is to make it simple for you as a believer to trust God by giving a correct knowledge of how to believe for the impossible. You have the power in you to speak whatever you want in your life based on the promises of God. The purpose of the Divine Exchange 3 T-shirt is to expand your mind to understand on a higher level of communicating with God as God communicates. Based on the two promises of God on Divine Exchange 2 T-shirt, a person can speak whatever they want in their lives. Numbers 23: 19 and Matthew 17: 20, when properly taught have the power to create anything you are big enough to understand. Pick up Divine Exchange T-shirt today and get your mind to thinking like Christ.

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If you are looking for a new church home and live in the mid cities of Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas; do not just settle for the product, come on over to a place where the live teachings are going strong. Before the first church completion, we must move to another place due to growth.

T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk, 100 % cotton Beefy-T, or Comfort soft heavy weight cotton.

Order your Divine Exchange T-shirt today!

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