Soon Financial Collapse of the America Dollar/Five Steps/Government Shutdown

Soon, devaluing of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is coming into full fruition! For those of you who have short attention span to learn information that is critical to your financial future, you will most likely face financial ruin and lose what little you have. I shall make available from a third-party source that is reputable and very knowledgeable of his subject, just as knowledgeable of his subject as I am knowledgeable of my subjects, eternal life and true prosperity.

I have spoken about a financial pearl harbor but knowing what I know about the Word of God, I am now calling it an unstoppable nuclear financial meltdown. All is due to endless printing of billions of dollars by the Obama administration that has surpassed all previous administrations altogether. The uncontrollable of printing and spending of money this country cannot afford has provided the catalyst that shall sink this nation, and shall be the contributing factor of devaluing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. America is about to lose her superpower voice because her dollar will no longer be the BIG DOG on the block. Our politicians have sold this country to her enemies to fill their personal bank accounts and are squabbling among each other over trivial matters, but leaving the weightier issues along as the Obama health care. Wait until the full effect of this law takes place in 2014-15, it is sure to effect and cripple businesses, citizens, and quality health care in huge negative ways.

Spreading the wealth around to people who never contributes to society that refuses to learn how to think, create a slave mentality that will keep these people from thinking to build wealth. It cripples society especially when 92 to 97 percent of people do not follow their ideas and at least 23 percent have no ideas, plans, or goals. I applaud the one to 10 percent of the population that holds the largest part of the world wealth among them. Why do I? It is because when you try to educate the ignorant masses they reject the information. The statement was not sardonic talking down on anyone but bringing awareness of the fact.  God said in Hosea 4: 6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” I am speaking from my heart. It grieves my soul when I see how uninformed the masses are and how they reject information to their own perils.

The Law of Cause and Effect shall prove the things I have spoken and Porter Stansberry Report. No one, not the government, any human, organization, church, or system banking can escape this law. All will feel and experience the results of their causes directly related with the effect to the cause. Seedtime and harvest will always occur as long as the earth exists and that is forever Genesis 8:22.

We are in day two of the government shut down from day one of this post. America, you have not seen anything yet, and the irony of the matter most have no clue of what is happening and is about to happen. If you ask a stranger or someone you know a question about the value of the dollar and the place it holds on the world markets, they could not give you an honest, informed response. Do you think broadcast journalist will give you the true report, shame on you if you do? The mocked shut down is over for a moment. However, the real government shut down is looming over the horizon and will catch the larger part of America ill prepared as usual. There will be no government rescue because the government is responsible for the chaos.

My book, “FIVE STEPS TO REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER,” is a lifeline for the human race to deliver society from the careless spending of the Obama administration that has gone out of control. President Obama mesmerized large parts of the population, and they gladly help put him in office. He will be the same man who strips them of what little prosperity they have acquired over their lifetime with laws in place that will live in the power after he is gone. I have no confidence in this administration or the government. It is not about the people; it is about what they want to do only!

Listen to this man, Porter Stansberry, and get the real story of the financial crisis of this country. Take his advice if you have money to follow him. Two things you will have to give up becoming wealthy and that is time and money. If you refuse to give up time and money, forget it wealth will never be in your life! If you do not have the money to follow him come back and buy my book, it will cost you no more than one BIG MAC or a cup of Star Buck Coffee. I updated my book and changed the price. If you have money to follow him, still buy my book because you will still need it! FIVE STEPS TO REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER is a roadmap from God to deliver any person out of any crisis, even if they are flat broke, because the principles are from God and are sure to do as God has said His Word will do, if believed and obeyed. The inevitable crisis could pass you by if you believe and act on the principles of God. In addition, I recommend, if you are able to take Porter Stansberry up on his offer, take it!

This country does not want God to rule over her anymore. Churches have kicked the real Jesus out and put in the false Jesus of 2 Corinthians 11: 4The catalyst that made this nation strong was America citizens’ connection to Christ and the “U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.”  No longer is this true; America has turned her back on Jesus and countries of the world are making plans to not trade in the U.S. dollars. Major countries of the world such as China, Japan or Middle East Nations and many more you shall learn about from the report of Porter Stansberry are putting laws in place in their nations to trade with their own currency. As the U. S. dollar continues to lose its buying power each year many countries that had to buy U.S. dollars to buy oil or trade in the U.S. dollars is not obligated to continue the practice. The dollar is dying a slow purpose death with endless printing to pay its debt even America cannot pay without printing more money. A recipe for sure collapse of any nation.  Psalms 9: 17, still stands as a judgment against man and a country when either turns away from God. Psalms 9: 17, The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.  It is this time for America, which is why God put out my other book “The Saving of a Soul, called “THE HEREAFTER.” No one will escape the two judgments in the book of Hebrews 9:27, death and judgment.

Click the link below and listen to Porter Stansberry if you want to protect your assets. Prepare while there is time. Come back to my website and buy my book because what looms over the horizons, if you do not know how to create from your thoughts through the precepts and concepts of God, this economy will destroy you because you will not have the money to live comfortably. Poverty will be your future. God has sent two lifelines to the human race “FIVE STEPS TO REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER,” and “The Saving of a Soul, called “THE HEREAFTER.”

Porter Stansberry has a lifeline for you as well if you have the money to follow him. Click on his link, hear him with your heart and act so to your feelings on all offers put before you. I think the man has information the people of this nation need to know and because of what I know I have made you aware of Mr. Stansberry through my website.

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